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Yesterday, we had our Iron Bowl Watch Party, which was a success!!! Alabama took the 2012 title beating Auburn 49-0! ROLL TIDE! BUT: the bakery messed up our cake! :( At least it was still delicious though!!! I sense a BCS Watch Party in the making...hmm? 

We're doing our 1st D.I.A. fundraiser! We picked some delicious gourmet popcorn! Popcorn Palace seems like a great fundraising opportunity and I'm excited about kicking this off! For more information and an order form, please contact me (Brianna) ASAP! Goal: $200 --- Proceeds will go to the Diva Fund and will also help fund out Christmas event and other upcoming events
Thanks to everyone who contributed items to the 2nd Chance Women's Shelter! D.I.A plans to donate every year to those women and children who have suffered from domestic violence. Thank you all again! God bless! <3 

Divas In Action       (D.I.A.)